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Elite Mechanical Products Limited

Elite Mechanical Products Limited is a member of Elite Industrial Holding Co. Limited with more than 20 years of experience in mechanical production, producing world-class products for our customers. Our company mainly produces supreme quality precision metal stamping products, which are widely used in various field such as telecommunication, commercial machines and equipment, electronic instruments, household appliances, oral care products, audio equipment, lighting equipment and power tools etc.

久久操超级碰免费视频Elite Mechanical Products Limited was established in 1995. We are fully equipped with the state-of-the-art machinery and equipment such as including high-speed precision stamping machines, punching machines, cutting machines, dedicated machining centers, CNC machining centers, Coordinate Measuring Machine, profile projectors and spectrum analyzers etc.

We have been providing customers with high quality and professional one-stop service and value-added services, including mold design and production, fabrication, stamping, punching, cutting, de-burring, drilling and tapping, CNC machining, heat treatment (or tempering), polishing, surface finishing and assembly.

To satisfy the customers and increase our competitive advantage in the market, Elite Mechanical Products Limited has implemented a set of quality control system and quality assurance system to ensure the procedures, production, installation and services are standardized and with quality assurance. And, we require all our employees to strictly follow the rules and requirements of the quality control system, and apply the requirements to each stage of the production and our supply chain system.

Elite Mechanical Products Limited ensures sustainable development in producing high-quality and high-precision products, including OEM, ODM products and services, to meet the needs of different customers.

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